Sunday, May 31, 2009


Yesterday missed.
So busy, haha.
I work at the morning,
go low yat search for external hard disk,
everning go orchestra practice,
then meeting,
go watch another orchestra's concert at the night,
rush back home after finished to celebrate my dad's birthday,
watched some drama,
slept at the sofa, lol
That's why I didn't update xS

Today I whole day stay at home.
Hear songs, play games, but no online.
Kept ate biscuits, hehe...
After that me and parents went to giant that build at batu cave.
Walk, talk, buy, test...
Ate dinner at chicken rice shop,
but I didn't like it's foods.
Back home keep things to my luggage.
For? Haha... I going to a camp tomorrow,
I will go to camp around 1 week.
Hope it will good xD
I cant bring phone into the camp.
So will lost contact a week.
Don't miss me xD Hehe...
I think will back on this saturday.

To Bii,
I also don't know why,
I will try to find it. xD
Don't worry.
Hope this camp will bring it to me. Haha...
So suddenly, sorry lo. ><''
Hope you have some good days at this holiday.

To all my friends,
See you all after a week xD
Bye~ hehe...

Friday, May 29, 2009

29/5/2009 OmG Holidays

I stayed school 2 hour at the morning.
Earlier reach, boring.
Find my classmates, stay at library.
Done my homework and online at the library too.
After that, I continue my lecturer's classes.
At the afternoon, I ate chocolate cookies that make by my friend.
Others keep ask her need buy insurance or not?! XD haha...
But after I taste it, it make me more hungry. OMG~
Kept drank water, lol
Rest time - I saw Jun Wai & Ayaka at the canteen 2.
Then I join them, leave my classmates - 10 persons, I'm so bad XD hehe...
Because long time didn't chat with them already.
We chatted a lots, got some other friends' news.
Ate a cup of Yo-Yo-Ice( Mango + Sour plum ) at the hot day, NICE (^^)
5pm finished class and straight walk to the bus stop.
I'm so lucky that bus reached when I was reached there too.
No need to wait then back home. Hehe...
Studied 3 weeks. 2 weeks holidays now. So fast ><''
Actually I got 1 weeks of holidays. I spent another week in a discovery camp.
Hope it will good ^^
Tomorrow is my father's birthday. Haha...
Will Celebrate it! But don't know where should we go, lol XD
Decide tomorrow, wuakaka...

To Bii,
Then you must take care yourself.
Or... Find some body guards to protect you, lol XD

*Holidays? I cant feel my happiness. Don't know why I feel weird (><)''

Thursday, May 28, 2009


This morning I only realized I forgotten to do my homework (><)''
I get to school early and rush it. Luckily just only Mathematics.
Today class:
2 hour PA
2 hour Math S2
Omg~ this 4 hours... Face to the two teacher.
Bored =.=
At the PA class,
The teacher call us to back home memories what she teach at the last Lecturer's class.
Just only one person can answer all the question.
Others? Stand (T.T) Included me, Wu~ Wu~
3pm finished school,
but no bus pass around TARC,
so I walk back to home.
Today I take my phone to repair again,
finally it settled XD
So happy~ Yes!
News - A TARCIAN attacked by 2 thief again.
The student just living a week at the condo.
Still attack by the thieves ><''
Wasai... Nowadays, the world~
Haiz... God Bless~
Boring, don't know what I wrote. lol XD

To Bii,
I'm a "PIG"?
then I'm a thin thin pig (?.?), hehe...
Both of us still young, don't say like we are old man and old woman.
lol xD

*Hope the world will be more peaceful~

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Today is Wednesday.
Don't know why I liked to sleep already, lol
I can sleep as long as I can.
Any time, any place.
I was late to school,
luckily the lecturer class haven't start yet. Hehe...
Then the mathematics teacher was absent and next period was lunch time,
so we had 2 hour free time.
Went to Canteen 2 and stayed at library.
Studied the last period - Computing
After that, got ES(Economic Society)'s Meeting.
We gonna be helpers at the teacher's day,
sell foods and drinks. I'm lazy~ haha... XD
Discussed 1 and a half hour,
so long ><''

To Bii,
Thanks, I will effort XD
18 also old? Then you also old too?
17 o.O Hehe...
Not really fat fat,
just becomes normal a bit then enough. Kaka...

*Sleep is to recover our energy,
but how much I slept also felt tired. (T.T)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Today I only notice STPM was difficult to study.
The teachers gave us many notes and tutorial exercise,
1 Chapter had a lots of Information to study.
Omg~ ><'' I try my best to get good score, lol
After school ( 3pm ), the sky was rain again,
I must stay at school before the rain stop.
This few days I kept back on 5, sad (T.T)
Always stand the bus stop around 30-40 minutes,
nothing to do, only can hear songs by phone.
Luis? Too many... Don't know want see which one, lol XD
Reached home just watch movies.
Read some news...

To Bii,
lol, I will fat...
Wait~ xD
I still 18, Pok Pok Chui, haha...

*Study Study Study

Monday, May 25, 2009

25/5/2009 Time Is Pass So Fast

Today back school (O.O)
The time was passed so fast.
Today is third week already.
Last friday, my MUET teacher want us to memorize some expressions.
I just memorized a bit of its.
Luckily today passed the test, lol xD I'm the second one.
The Diploma students was started school,
the canteens were full of people.
We went to canteen 1 that less people present there,
no choices.
Damn hot at the morning,
thanks for the god... It rain at the afternoon.
I'm felt better and good, hehe...
I got many tutorial exercise and note books,
when I reached home, I straight went to the book shop to bind all notes.
9am-5pm, what a long day that stayed at school.
2 day a week, tired on it.
Dinner time, I helped my mom to make "Pan Mee"
Mine is fatty fatty size, damn funny, lol XD
Get full in dinner, ate too much.
Search songs after dinner...
Watch TV...

To Bii,
Really? I forgotten.
Blek~ =P
Maybe the blogger haven't fix the problem...

*Treasure your time, make it more useful

Sunday, May 24, 2009


whole day stay at home.
long time no sleep so good already, lol
wake up then take a brunch.
Received a call by keat teng,
then go cc gaming with him plus my brother and edmond.
After that, back home at 5.
Go dinner with parents - dad, mom and sister.
We gone to jusco that builded at setiawangsa there.
It was bigger than wangsa maju jusco, had a park too.
Having a dinner at Madam Lim's restaurant, it's food delicious xD
When finished, we shopping an hour, walk around.

To Bii,
Ok, I wait you change it. ^^
Maybe I scared, lol

To all,
Tired~ Wanna sleep already.

*You can find something to do when you are boring,
depends on you want or not, hehe...