Sunday, May 31, 2009


Yesterday missed.
So busy, haha.
I work at the morning,
go low yat search for external hard disk,
everning go orchestra practice,
then meeting,
go watch another orchestra's concert at the night,
rush back home after finished to celebrate my dad's birthday,
watched some drama,
slept at the sofa, lol
That's why I didn't update xS

Today I whole day stay at home.
Hear songs, play games, but no online.
Kept ate biscuits, hehe...
After that me and parents went to giant that build at batu cave.
Walk, talk, buy, test...
Ate dinner at chicken rice shop,
but I didn't like it's foods.
Back home keep things to my luggage.
For? Haha... I going to a camp tomorrow,
I will go to camp around 1 week.
Hope it will good xD
I cant bring phone into the camp.
So will lost contact a week.
Don't miss me xD Hehe...
I think will back on this saturday.

To Bii,
I also don't know why,
I will try to find it. xD
Don't worry.
Hope this camp will bring it to me. Haha...
So suddenly, sorry lo. ><''
Hope you have some good days at this holiday.

To all my friends,
See you all after a week xD
Bye~ hehe...


  1. yiiii ..
    you come my hse here geh giant
    ishh . din tel mii wad
    haahah xD

    wish you everything fine in camp la
    1 week tim
    so long geh . haaha ..

  2. sudah berapa lama a? update lah><

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